Hypoaspis miles production

One of the main beneficials produced by Borregaard BioPlant is Hypoaspis miles.

We export to several European countries for use in greenhouses, nurseries and poultry production.


Hypoaspis miles natural habitat is in the soil. It is most commonly found in the uppermost layers where it feeds on soil inhabiting stages of different insects and mites such as, fungus gnat larvae, shore fly larvae, thrips pupae, springtails and mould mites.


Hypoaspis miles is also gaining widespread use against against red poultry mites (Dermanyssus gallinae).


Hypoaspis is delivered in 1 litre - or 5 litre tubes containing 25.000 -125.000 predatory mites.


For further details regarding import, please contact us by email:

or phone +45 86 78 69 88

Hypoaspis miles


Hypoaspis for poultry




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